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15 Things that you’ll remember from the UB UP Tour

Here are 15 things that you’ll never forget if you were on our last college tour.

15 Things That That Happened on the #UBUPTour

We had a great time on the UB Summer College Tour.  Check out these 15 things that you'll remember if you were there. 

 You were a part of an unplanned march on Washington

We went sight seeing in DC and after seeing the Lincoln memorial WWI,II and  the Vietnam memorials  we walked to the Smithsonian for lunch and a show. In theory this should have worked out fine. What actually happened was a 2 mile death march in 98 degree weather across the burning assault of our nations capital. 
Thankfully we all got there alright. We all got there right?


 You might have been lost for an hour at the wrong museum.

If you looked around and couldn’t find your classmates or looked up and didn't see an airplane then you might not have made it to the Aerospace Museum with our first wave of students. We get it, DC can be a confusing place. Luckily we made sure to double check for everyone and the chaperones from each group stayed in contact with each other.

You got to feel like you were at a Kanye Concert at our first hotel.

We took a walk down and around a nice area near the first hotel and before leaving got to see an amazing light show.  Before anyone had noticed a few ladies from the hotel had slipped into the crowd looking to dance before realizing that we weren’t having that kind of party. 

You took at least one college tour on Pokemon Go.

Howard and Georgetown had some amazing campuses and we learned tons about them while taking our tours. But some of us learned way more by finding out what the poke-stops along the way told us more about the schools than we expected them to.  

You couldn't remember the tour hashtag to save your life. But tried anyway.

We get it. Social Media can be complex sometimes.  Amidst all of the tweeting, posting and snapping something’s bound to get lost. Well if you didn’t know for sure the hashtag this go around was #UBuptour as in “all the way up.” and if you’re having trouble finding what everyone posted just head to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat to keep up to date with what we’ve got going on. We try to repost everything we see from everyone. 

You saw Mr. Boston arm wrestle the woman who kept trying to push him out of line.

The boat ride from Ellis Island was packed. When the woman behind Mr. Boston found out that she couldn't order her food right away because he still had students in line, it got real.  Things simmered down eventually but he learned that day that everyone isn't always happy about your success. 

Speaking of boats.

The ride was great until this happened 2 seconds before you were ready to get off. 

When we all got caught in the rain and decided to turn up.

It sucked finding out that the bus we were in front of wasn't really ours but some of you decided to turn a bad situation into the best situation and had a ton of fun dancing until we got picked up. 

When Dright couldn’t stand waiting for the pizza any longer. 

Admitedly we were all hungry by the time the pizza got to the hotel that night. But Mr Dright took it to another level when he took to the chaperone group message to assert his belief in pizza delivery equality. We all got pizza pretty soon after that but it was pretty funny to see it all go down. 

You realized that the guy from MIT reminded you of your favorite cartoon villain. 

He started telling you how you would have to do More math and why you needed a perfect ACT and SAT score and your stomach started hurting.  He's probably the only guy you know who can make you enjoy hearing about calculus. (insert maniacal laugh here)

You couldn’t understand why the pizza from the restaurant in New York was so good. 

We spoke with the owners of the restaurant in New York and she told us that the secret was in the water.

When the McDonalds Manager had the Mr. Krabs look on his face when he found out that that call for 90 breakfast sandwiches last night wasn’t a prank call. 

The last McDonalds that we stopped at for breakfast thought it was a joke when we asked them for 90 meals the night before. Then they realized that the joke was on them when they counted up how much business they lost in a matter of minutes. 

You got to see the Biggie Concert on the bus. 

There was a concert on the back of the boys bus and the highlight was the biggie appearance near the end. 

You almost lost your $75 somewhere along the way. 

You made it all the way to the college tour only to find out that you may be missing a few assignments from virtuous learning.  Oh, you didn't know about the online surveys that you had to do while you were on the tour?  You should check those out. 

You got home and never have been so happy to see your parents and sleep in your own bed. 

Having had an experience like this you get the feeling that college is going to be a great experience where you learn from every event, the good and the not so pleasant. You’ll make new friends along the way and ultimately become a better, more well rounded person.  You realize that you’ve got a lot ahead of you and can really see yourself growing through the process. 

What do you think? Are there any moments that we missed.  Leave them in the comment section below.