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Sixth Grade Checklist

You are now in 6th grade and fresh out of elementary school! It feels good, doesn’t it? Welcome to what might be your first taste of responsibility. You have a real locker now and different periods to go to. This is your first taste of freedom my friend. With all this new found freedom comes more responsibility, and that responsibility is college. Yes, college. You read that right. If you want to go to a great school and get an awesome career, keep reading. Here’s a checklist of what you should be doing to prepare.

6th Grade College Planning Checklist:

  • Start talking to your parents/teachers/mentors about what college is. Ask them where they went, what they studied, and what you should be looking forward to about it. 


  • Pay attention to your Core classes (Math, Language Arts, Science). They matter now more than ever. What you learn this year will affect your chances of getting into the best classes in high school and can even affect how much money you get for college. Good grades now are worth big money later.


  • This might seem like common sense, but for math make sure you grasp the concept of multiplication and division like the back of your hand. What’s 7×9? If you didn’t know the answer instantly, you should take some time to brush up. (Play a math game.)


  • For language arts understand your punctuation. What are the comma rules? If you learn how to express yourself through your writing, you’ll be great at writing college essays. You may even be able to enter a writing contest and get real money for college just by writing. 
  • For the sciences, make sure you know about ecosystems and energy and how energy flows through that ecosystems. Also, know the different biomes.

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