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Seventh Grade Checklist

As a 7th grader, you should be adjusted and used to the middle school life. You would think so, right? It always seems like there’s something new. Now is the time to dig a little deeper into your college exploration.

7th Grade College Planning Checklist:

  • Start to look up Universities and their costs. College Scorecard is a great site to get snapshots of things that different colleges have to offer.


  • Seek out clubs, activities, and sports that your school offers and get involved. Colleges like to accept students who participate and work well with others. You should make a habit of doing this now. 

Academic Readiness

  • In mathematics, you should pay close attention to concepts like volume and surface area when solving problems with 2D and 3D objects. Linear equations can also be challenging, but if you master them now you’ll be in great shape going forward.


  • In language arts, you should focus on writing more concise papers and cutting down on the wordiness. Modifiers will be important in your writing as well so get to know them.


  • In science, you should know about matter and how it interacts with the things all around us. Trust me, it “matters”. ?

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