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Eighth Grade Checklist

Welcome to the 8th grade, your last year of middle school. I know you’re itching to get into high school but there is somewhere you need to go before you step foot into high school. Make sure you enjoy your last year of middle school because after this you start your journey to college.

8th Grade College Planning  Checklist

  • The first thing on your to-do list for your 8th-grade year is to go on a college tour. This will help you see your goal. It doesn’t have to be your dream college because you might not even have one yet.


  • Consider starting a club at your middle school. By now you should know nearly every teacher and most students, so you’ll have the support to get it up and running. Starting a habit like this one will pay off big time when you start talking to colleges. 


Academic Readiness

  • For math, you should be very familiar with Pythagorean theorem as well as equations and expressions. Don’t zone out in class these concepts are the building blocks of algebra. You’re going to need them. Lastly, you should know functions proficiently.


  • In language arts, you should be able to recognize shifts in voice and moods in your writing and write accordingly.


  • In the sciences, you should know heredity, traits, and genes.

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