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Sophomore College Planning Checklist

Sophomores! This one is for you. You’re about 2 and a half years away from college. You might be wondering what you should be doing to prepare. Below is a list of things that you should have accomplished or working on this year to prepare for college.

Sophomore year college planning checklist:

  • Read about the college admissions process.


  • Take the PSAT and/or the PLAN, if offered by your school.


  • Study hard! Colleges take your academic performance into consideration for all 4 years.


  • Continue to seek help from your teachers if you experience academic difficulties.


  • Consider volunteering in your community, and participating in activities that peak your core interest.


  • Get involved in your extra-curricular activities. Take on leadership roles if possible.


  • Read as much as you can.


  • Save samples of your best papers. 


  • Plan a challenging Junior year course load.


  • Make your summer productive. Consider participating in an academic program like Upward Bound to gain some college experience. 


Let me know in the comment section what all you have done so far and what’s left for you to do.  



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    1. DeAndre Boston

      No problem! Thank you for commenting! What are some of the things on the list that you have completed, or need to complete?

    1. DeAndre Boston

      Thanks for commenting! One of the ways colleges and universities determine if you are the right fit is by assessing your GPA. Getting more A’s a B’s is definitely a positive thing.

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