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Helpful Online Resources

Name and Description

Link to Website

Khan Academy- used for tutoring. The site shows videos for many different subjects and some test prep as well.


Precalculus Problems- has a variety of topics on precalculus. It gives examples, as well as sample problems and sample exams.


West Texas A&M University Virtual Math Lab- has resources for subjects such as College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Beginning Algebra, and Math for the Sciences.


Purdue Online Writing Lab- provides writing resources that help with writing papers as well as correctly citing your sources.


TEDtalks- provide videos about various topics and subjects.


Son of Citation Machine- helps with citing sources the correct way.


Google Scholar- helps students to figure out what sources are considered “scholarly”. A good resource when it comes to writing research papers.


Transferology- helps when trying to find out what courses transfer to whatever school you plan to attend.


FAFSA – website that you use to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


Federal Student Aid- has information that may answer questions that you may have


Evernote-used for note-taking, to-do lists, and attaching pdf’s to documents.


Wolfram Alpha-in this site, students are able to type in a math problems and give back an answer along with steps to get there.