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An SAT score can make or break a college application. That’s why it’s important to constantly work to improve yours. Here are three steps that you can take to get a great practice plan and boost your scores!

Step 1 : 

Link your SAT Scores from College Board with Khan Academy.

Link your Accounts

Watch the video to learn how to link Khan Academy with your SAT scores. Once you’ve done that move ahead to step 2. 

Just 6 hours of Khan Academy can raise your SAT score by 90 points!

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Step 2 : 

Add us as your coach.

Add a coach

Scroll through to find your Trio Coach and add them by putting their course code to your account. 


TS Coaches

Coach Errick

My Class Code: 32UVHZ

Believe and you will achieve.

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Coach Spencer

My Class Code: 8WYEW6WK

Hi everyone! I’m glad to see you investing in your future. Feel free to use these online courses to strengthen your test taking skills. I’ll see you soon!

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Coach Dright

My Class Code: YZ3ZNQHU

I’m excited to see you in my class.

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UB Coaches

Coach Boston

My Class Code: T69GFDG7

Running from it will not save you.

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Coach Russell

My Class Code: FQ5UNUQJ

Hey guys! I know many of you have already signed up, but for those who haven’t please join the class.

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Coach Tasha

My Class Code: 3ZMY4FFA

I am very proud of you for spending extra time improving your skills. Remember, practice helps you get better!

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Coach Parker

My Class Code: K9PHV9RS

I’m excited to have you in my class.

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Valencia raised her SAT score by 470 points by using the same tool to practice! - College Board

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Step 3 : 

Create a schedule and start practicing!

Get a Planner

The trick to getting better at anyting is keeping on track with your practice.  So set some reminders in your phone or school planner and stick to them!  Our coaches will be checking up on you to see how you’re doing.

If you don’t have a college planner contact your Trio Specialist to have one sent to you!